“Hi Katherine. I just wanted to let you know that things here have been so much better!  I followed your advice with both Gracie and Nellie in the home, and they are now much happier balanced dogs.

I also feel more confident now that I can read their body language better and so detect the possibility of any aggressive behaviour before it happens, and will know what to do to if there are any future problems.  Overall they are better now than they have ever been. Thanks for your advice.” ~ Emma

“Dear Katherine, many thanks for all your time.  Your visit was very reassuring and encouraging for me personally and it has renewed my hopes of a happy future relationship with Louie. I know my husband and daughter also found the session very useful and insightful, so thank you from them also.  I have found that Louie is responding very positively to us all since we implemented the new regime.  Best wishes from a much more optimistic family.  ~ Fay

“Hello Katherine. Since your visit Kayla is a lot better.  We and the kids are enjoying a lot more relaxed time in the house than ever before.  With your advice the previous problems of aggression we had are few and far between, and Kayla recovers a lot more quickly.  Thank you for your help again and I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is having a problem with their dog. ~ David

“Hi Katherine.  Thank you for your report. We started making changes after your left, in the home and outside, and with our behaviour too.  I have to say there was an improvement in Chance’s behaviour really quickly.  Thank you. ~ Sam

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