How does it work?

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WAGS Pet Behaviour must have received both the Veterinary Referral Form, and the Case History Questionnaire before the consultation is carried out.  Please click on the underlined links to download these documents.

Please note for behavioural problems such as separation-related problems or aggression towards dogs, you may also be asked to provide pre-recorded video evidence prior to the consultation.

Step 1: The Consultation

This usually lasts up to 3 hours and takes place in your home and / or wherever the behavioural problem occurs.

Factors causing and maintaining the problem will be investigated, and initial recommendations made on how to start the treatment plan.

Step 2: The Report

After the consultation you will receive a detailed report including an assessment of your dog’s behaviour, the recommendations made during the consultation, and a detailed behaviour modification plan for you to follow.

WAGS Pet Behaviour endeavours to provide the report within 7 days of the consultation.  A copy of the report will be provided for your veterinarian if required.

Step 3: Ongoing support and advice

Six months of follow-up support via email and / or telephone are provided from the date of the consultation, and follow-up consultations can be arranged where needed.